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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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different homeowners and why police think the decorationsre bei targeted by thieves. >> gifts stolen from several local homes just days before christmas. how police are making sure the holidays won't be ruined for everyone. >> plus a local man under arrest for preying on the elderly. the job police say he faked to break into homes and the other serious crimes he could be connected to. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox25 morning news. >> good wednesday morning, everyone. it is 4:30 on december 23rd. we're creeping up to the 25th. i'm julie grauert. >> i'm daniel miller. enjoy the dry weather while you can. more wet weather will move in from the keeping. meteorologist shiri spear has the latest timeline on rain and fog. we're dealing with some to come right new. that's right. so the timeline ops on those. we've got the fog this morning, we've got the rain tonight.
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temperature range. you're in the lower 50s in boston and worcester and fitchburg but you're in the middle 40s right now. spots like plymoth. 30s, quite a bit cooler and bedford and nashua and sport smith new hampshire. that's actually some of our cooler spots or where we have the worse fog this morning. nonetheless i've got fog across the cape. same in norwood, so you're going to find some tricky navigation there. boston doing a-okay. so boston should actually pass on the worst of the fog. we've got quarter mile visibility, half mile visibility in bedford, up to nashua and concord, new hampshire, with half mile visibility, but it's even worse in keene. let's be aware about 10:00 this morning. noontime comes along 52 degrees. increasing clouds here as we hit the afternoon. we do have this little period the fog lifts and we see some partial sun. before you know it those showers
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i'll time out when we get the heaviest rainfall. >> shiri let's start on 93 south moving along fine. also on route one over to the pike, that traffic flows you can see on the map bright grown. overall volume is very light and very reasonable at this early hour as it has a tendency to be. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston toll. >> new this morning a way mat woman will answer to charges today after leading police on a chase through the south shore. it all started when police say she threw a bottle at a man at a gas together in cohasset. officers chased her through three towns. this is a picture sent to us from police from the end of that pursuit. police are charging share lynn kelly with several charges including oui. she will be arraigned later today at quincy district court.
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have popped up in yards across the country and have become the target for thieves. >> just in the last few weeks, two local homeowners have had their lights stolen. fox25 jessica reyes is live in dorchester this morning where one family says they caught the theft on camera. >> and julie these are some of the most popular christmas decorations out there this year. the man who lives in this house in dorchester says his were stolen right out of his yard. these lights are set up as a projector box that shows lights all over the house. the victim here in dorchester e-mail husband the surveillance video. you can see >> many of these lights are sold out at stores as they are relatively new so we have heard about this happening all over the country and right here in our area. in fact just a couple days ago in lynn another man reported his lights were stolen as well. this happened in west land, and police there are asking everyone to take a look at this video to see if you know the person seen here and give police a call if you happen to
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now later on this morning we are hoping to talk to the man here in dorchester who had his lights stolen. we'll hopefully bring that to you later on this morning. live in dorchester, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> a quiet massachusetts town is the target of a different holiday crime spree. police in shirley say thieves have stolen dozens of gifts and holiday cards from homes in recent days. as you can see on this map, thieves have hit homes on 10 different streets. officers have recovered some of the stolen items. fox25 cameras were rolling as an officer returned a gift to this home last night. one victim says he found the box his order was shipped in right near his house. >> the box it was in, plus the actual box that the contents were in were just a little ways up the street, but onshore no contents in the package. >> police say their priority is to return the missing gifts as soon as possible. they have not released any information on the suspects but are still investigating. >> a winthrop man is in custody this morning accused of trying to break into an elderly complex by
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mass port. police say james matthew rapuce told the people inside the home he worked for mass port and needed to check their windows, but he didn't have an id and someone called police. when officers arrived they found a knife, meth and stolen items on him. victims that home were shaken up. >> i cried. i called my kids. my kids were all upset. my grandson was all upset. >> he was also caught on camera as you see here attacking officers back at the station. he throws some glass cleaner during the booking process. police are also investigating him for separate crimes, including a deadly crash in lynn. >> a local mother accused of kidnapping her own kids is being held on high bail this morning. this as we learn new details about her arrest. police say they found a box of wine and hose in her door -- she abandoned her car in swansy and left behind a suicide note.
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conversation with her sister before disappearing with her kids on sunday. >> that she didn't want to drop off the kids. that she may as well drive into traffic. she also stated next time i have the kids will be be an amber alert. >> she and her husband have a charges. she will be back in court in january. >> this morning a friend of marathon bomber is free for the first time in 17 months. stephan sylva walked out of jail after being charged on weapon charges. eloped him the handgun which was used to kill mit officer shawn terrorist attack. he was a witness for the death penalty trial. after being set free he apologized to collier's family. >> i would definitely like to give family. i had no idea whatsoever.
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reduced sentence because he testified against him. he will remain on probation for three years. >> the time is 436. the double murder trial of former patriot aaron hernandez is delayed once again. a judge now says the case will not start next month as originally planned. hernandez and his attorneys were in court yesterday. both sides said they are waiting for a ruling from the supreme judicial court about evidence taken from his cellphone. they also want the testimony of el bradley -- alexander bradley kept out of the trial. he claims hernandez shot him in nordstrom four years ago. >> if the court rules that this alleged shooting of mr. bradley is essentially off the table for the murder trial. >> hernandez is accused of killing daniel day and -- outside a boston night club in 2012. the former patriot is already serving a life sentence for the murder of oden lloyd in 2013. >> loved-ones of the math teacher killed by one of her students will
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her killer's sentencing. according to the herald a judge will allow her family and friends to wear pink at his sentencing next month. pink was her favorite color. chism was convict in her murder last week. sentencing is set for january 29th. >> happening today, a man accused of killing a brother and sister in worcester will be arraigned. on monday a grand jury indicted daniel depew on manslaughter and motorcycle charges. prosecutors say he was drunk when he hit gina and george burdic in november. >> he was arrested shortly after the crash and has been held without bail. >> a lowell man. he was arrested just after midnight yesterday. this is a picture of the knife that police took from him. officers say the arson investigator was an unmarked car when a man came up and pointed the knife at him. the investigator was searching for evidence in a series of recent fires.
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>> a worcester man faces assault charges this morning. he's accused of threatening dunkin' donuts employees with a knife. police say 29-year-old joseph hanin walked into the store on lincoln street complaining about his drive through order. he then took out a knife and started threatening employees. police arrested him nearby and confiscated a knife from his vehicle. >> police in way mat are releasing new surveillance pictures of a suspect in two rashes which happened less than an hour apart. investigators say a man robbed a convenience store in south way mat on the morning of december 14th. he was wearing a dark hoody under a black jacket. about 45 minutes later the same suspect broke into a bar about two hours ago. >> a local depth restaurants where 100 people got sick could reopen soon. the chipotle in cleveland circle was shut down after 140 people got sick. drug many bc students. all staff have been tested for noro
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not sending a sick worker home. that restaurant will open if it passes its next inspection. >> a pile of concrete falls on a construction worker and med flight returns him to a hospital. it happened yesterday at a warehouse in staughton. we are still working to find out how he's doing this morning, but firefighters say he was conscious and alert while being taken to the hospital. >> 4:40 now. a new poll shows more voters would be embarrassed than proud to have hillary clinton in the oval office. according to a university survey, 35% said they would be embarrassed if she were president. 33% of voters said they would be proud. 29% said they didn't care. now, the numbers are even less flattering. 57% of voters would be embarrassed if donald trump was elected president. 23% said they would be proud. 24% said they did not care.
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together every 10 minutes. here's a look at your live drive times. an easy 13 minutes on the pike eastbound from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. overall volume is lighted so these drive times aren't reflective of the fog that we are watching. here's shiri with more. >> that's liking going to get thicker in the next hour or so, so we've got fog and a big range in temps. it's more like 50 degrees when you head home from work, but that's when the next batch of showers is just getting going. i'll take you hour by hour through the ever changing forecast next. >> a man takes his love for "star wars" a little too far. the threat he made against another fan who spoiled the plot for the new movie. >> and all three of their sons are in the military and none of them
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how one town rallied around th . >> an emergency drug to help people overdosing on heroin is now available over the counter in new hampshire. healthy officials partnered with rite aid to overnear conin the pharmacy across the troopers. they say the drug has been used >> addiction specialists say immediate access to narcan is key. and they're happy the troopers took action. >> thank god they're listening. thank god they're listening. lives will be saved. >> over the counter narcan kits contain two doses and they're about $45 without insurance.
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say their study on concussions and brain injuries will continue with or without funding from the national football league. the seven year study of brands from professional athletes will be funded by a grant from the national institutes of health. earlier this week espn reported the nfl had pulled funding for the program because of a conflict with the lead scientist. accurate. >> the boston celtics are on the road tonight. they head to charlotte to play the hornets in their last game before christmas. >> boston bruins play a big price. score less in the third when he splits the d and pete's him. and five minutes later, he's left all alone at the blue line. you feel rifle a shot just under the cross bar. no chance. the bs loose in regulation for just the second time in the last month. with 12 wins and counting some
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some impressive honors. seven pats have been named to this pro bowl roster. the pro bowl is january 31st in hawaii. players on both super bowl teams will not take part. >> three local brothers can't make it home for christmas because they're in the military, but their hometown is making sure they feel the holiday spirit. cornelius, mal couple and william usa. the mother and mother, they're extremely touched by how many people took the time to write to them. >> i was flabber garsed. it basically brought me to tears to see the amount >> well, she shipped the cards to each of her sons' bases last week and she can't wait until they open them. >> that's pretty cool. >> a handwritten letter can be. >> says a lot. >> and then you keep it forever.
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right now. things moving along the expressway fine. 128 northbound and satibon three needham are also clear. pike looking good through framingham. wide open in brighton. 10 minutes from 106 to 128. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit before the pike. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and we are keeping an eye on some lingering fog out there. >> some fog until about 10:00 this morning. here's the thing, i don't see the fog being all that bad in boston or in worcester, so we're looking at a lot of of the suburbs. but in spots that fog is going to be pretty thick. close to zero visibility which qualifies as dense fog. back this evening going with the mostly dry forecast and a lot of warmth for tomorrow. i was actually between using the word warm or hot, because i do a couple spots getting up to about 70 degrees here. tomorrow.
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i mean, there's nothing too shall by about starting off your morning at 52 in boston. really warm. temperatures take a little hit this morning. you can see by 8:00 a.m. we go down to about 47 degrees and we rise back into the lower 50s this afternoon. and although there will be a lot of clouds around i expect by say mid late morning you actually see a little bit of partial sun before the clouds totally take over. but we've got a lot of moisture that's still going to be spilling towards us and as it does it boils down to those evening showers. here's the latest timeline. pausing things at 10:00, because this is when the fog is gone and you can see that we do have some holes in the clouds. not totally cloudy this morning, but by 2:00 p.m. we start seeing a couple sprinkles pop up. i'm seeing the main rain move in between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. that means during the evening
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we get some heavier pockets of rain that. this afternoon 51 in boston. 53 in lawrence. 54 in framingham and 56 in norwood. 55plymoth. 52 in fitchburg. 51 in worcester. lows tonight, though, not that far off. we're going to bottom out in the upper 40s to lower 50s. that means we've got near steady temperatures along with the rain tonight. it ends up lightning up after about 4:00 tomorrow morning and tomorrow is going to feature mostly dry weather. tomorrow, though, 68 in boston, 69 in framingham and fitchburg. if that's not warm enough for you. how about 70 in manchester, new hampshire, 71 in lawrence. 70 in norwood. this is unbelievable. no, this is not normal. these would be record setting temperatures, recording setting highs for the day. here's your 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view. we've got 50/50 five. let's take a look at the timeline for that slight chance of some thursday showers. not seeing very much wet weather. you can see a little bit of light
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that is a chance for one or two sprinkles tomorrow. 90% of your day is going to be very warm which i hope you can enjoy and for friday at 60 degrees which is of course christmas. we go from 50 in the morning to 60 in the afternoon, so it's all around warm. but highs ranging from 58 to 62 degrees. warm but not record setting for your friday. thursday is the day that we're going to break some records. it will be partly cloudy and dry here for christmas. over the weekend, 49 degrees on saturday. 56 on sunday. getting warmer but also getting wetter for the second half of the weekend and the chance of rain will continue late monday into the day on tuesday. julie, daniel, back to you. >> shiri, talk to you soon. >> bill bell check is well known for being tight-lipped in news conferences. coming up at 5:00. fest i have make over the coach is getting in a new video.
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offering a fill in for . >> the american soldier once captured by the taliban did not enter a plea in court. army sergeant bowe bergdahl was courted marshaled and faces charges of does he certification. he sat in court stone faced and did not say whether or not he wanted a trial by jury. bergdahl said little in the hearing. his case is the focus of the popular podcast serial. in it we hear his side of the story for the first time.
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away from a combat out post in afghanistan in 2009 to try to bring attention to what he called poor leadership in his unit. his next hearing is set for january 12th. >> it is now 4:53. a holiday treat for workers at boston medical center. employees inked a deal to enensure a minimum salary of at least $15 an hour. service, clerical and technical workers are included in the deal. it goes into next in january. it makes it the first hospital in wage standard. >> stores that sell nicotine may get a closer look from the feds. about. a mass senator is asking the federal trade mission to e-cigarettes. he says he's especially concerned how retailers use brand names of breakfast cereal and candy like sweedish fish. they pose a health to children if
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>> toys beneath the christmas tree may not be as safe as they should be that's what some wash are saying after a vote in the senate. a recent group would make it more difficult for the epa to keep poisonous toys out of the country. it makes it harder for epa once they've decided a chemical is a problem to actually intercept that chemical coming in in import products. >> supporters of the bill say it actually strength he know to keep the toxins away from kids. >> five minutes until the top of the area. a coyote somehow found its way into the airport in south carolina. airport officials say it's possible the coyote walked through one of the airport doors like anyone else. animal control was called in and they managed to rang el up the
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it had to be euthanized. it cannot be relocated. >> check this out, if rudolph and the other reindeer need to take a break. robots made right here in boston are on stand by. you can see these incredible robots leading santa's slaw. they were created by boston dynamics and they post this had video on youtube. i don't know. it's kind of interesting. >> are they supposed to have a head, just no neck. >> they have a head. you just have to look really closely. >> it's like a little light on it. it's on youtube, so check that out. >> still ahead this morning, campaign designs disappearing from the lawn of a local donald trump supporter. why the homeowner didn't have to go far to find the person caught on camera taking off with those signs. >> and the holidays bring out a new kind of criminal.
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from local is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> now at 5:00. they're a hot new holiday decoration that's now become a
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why local police think crooks are making off with these chris lights. >> plus packages and christmas cards stolen from dozens of local homeowners, but this morning please may be close to finding those grinches. the gifts they've returned. >> the troubling items found in a car of a local mother accused of kidnapping her kids. >> good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this wednesday morning. it is december the 23rd. we appreciate being with us this morning. >> a foggy drive if you're planning to hit the roads a little early today. here's how it looks in norwood. that nice almost full moon. fox25 chief meteorologist shiri spear shows us you'll run into poor conditions this morning but how long they'll last. >> the fog has actually gotten a bit worse in norwood. dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning.
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anywhere south of boston.
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